Maximize reimbursement, minimize errors.

Welcome to Scriptmax, your complete pharmacy claims adjudication and analytics tool.

Scriptmax offers the most complete pharmacy claim support in the industry. Convenient Web-portal access with exportable reports means you can access your claims information, anytime, anywhere.

Through a comprehensive suite of services, Scriptmax empowers pharmacies with actionable claims review data during every step of adjudication.
Business Intelligence Made Simple. Use your data your way.




Real-time claim validation that maximizes reimbursement and minimizes rejected claims

Sample pre-edit features include:

  • AWP Verification
  • NDC Updating
  • DAW Code Validation
  • Drug recall
  • Standard dispensing quantity
Timely feedback on submitted claims enables corrections within the post-adjudication window

Samples post-edit features include:

  • Actionable reports to reduce future claims errors
  • Acceleration of retrospective claims action
  • Margin analysis
  • Contract rate verification
Automates third-party payment reconciliation and contract rate compliance

Sample reconciliation features include:

  • Claim-by-claim reconciliation of third-party payments and adjudicated amounts
  • Flag unpaid/underpaid claims and open receivables
  • Track reimbursement rate discrepancies and transaction fees

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